Great Apps for Home Automation

Written by Tom on Friday February 5, 2021

Technology today has made it easier than ever to maintain your home. Remember the days you left for a weekend vacation, unsure if the air conditioner was, in fact, turned off? Now there are dozens of applications that allow you to control your home away from home. Smartphones have become the new remote control, only better because you can call it! That means no more grumbling about the hidden remote.

With so many apps available, it's hard to know which to choose. Here are five of the best Iphone apps and five of the best for Android devices:


1. Crestron Mobile Pro G 

Crestron Mobile Pro G, Iphone, Home Automation, Applications

Mobile Pro G uses 3G or Wi-Fi communication to keep you connected in the home, office and on the go. View room and device status; select movies and music; adjust volume, climate, lighting and security. (Required control module must be uploaded to Crestron control system by authorized dealer) Use the GUI provided or customize your own.


2. DVR Remote 

DVR Remote, Iphone, Application, Home Automation

DVR Remote is an iPhone application for keeping track of your favorite shows. Your TiVo® Series 3 or TiVo ® Premier DVR is synced to your phone, allowing you to use your phone as a remote control for the unit. You can also browse your Now Playing information wirelessly on your iPhone.


3. Off Remote

Off Remote, Iphone, Application, Home Automation

Off Remote lets you turn off, lock, sleep, log off and restart a PC or Mac directly from your iDevice. The timer function lets you set Off to trigger up to 24 hours in the future so you can set a computer to automatically turn off after a task such as completing a download or upload or to automatically lock at a certain time to limit a child's screen time.


4. HomeWorks Light Control

HomeWorks, Iphone, Application, Light Control, Home Automation

The HomeWorks Light Control applications allows you to control your Lutron HomeWorks system over a Wi-Fi, Edge, or 3G network with the convenience of iPhone and iPod touch. A key feature of this application is that it automatically configures itself using the information stored in the HomeWorks system.This application works with Lutron’s HomeWorks system and requires setup by a qualified HomeWorks installer.

Free, with system

5. Mobiscope: Home Security & Video Surveillance

Mobiscope, Iphone, Application, Home Automation

Monitor your IP cameras, view and control public webcams in your home. Mobiscope allows you to monitor video surveillance from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch by connecting it to any USB or IP camera. Up to four cameras can be surveyed at once, but you can sync the app to an unlimited number of cameras. You can also pan, tilt and zoom IP. All videos can be recorded and viewed again.



1. MobiLinc

MobilLinc, Android, Application, Home Automation

Using Wi-Fi, or cellular communication, MobiLinc supports control and real-time monitoring of up to 1024 INSTEON or X10 devices, 1024 scenes, and 1024 programs on your Android powered device anywhere in the world. With MobiLinc Pro and Android, control all of your lights, thermostats, devices, programs and irrigation system while on vacation or away from home. With MobiLinc and the many INSTEON devices available, home automation from the palm of your hand has never been easier. MobiLinc Pro works with the ISY-99i central controllers.


2. Conductor

Conductor for Insteon, Android, Application, Home Automation

Control your home automation system with Android Conductor is an application for Android that allows you to control your home automation system via your ISY-99i from Universal Devices. Universal Devices' ISY-99i is a powerful home automation tool. The Conductor software allows you to use that powerful tool on any Google Android phone or tablet.


3. DroidSeer X10 Home Automation

DroidSeer X10 Home Automation, Android, Application, Home Automation

Once configured you will be able to control any device that is linked into your HomeSeer system and also read status devices such as thermostats and display their values on your Android device. Droidseer is designed to be simple to use and will allow you to manage your home from anywhere where you can get an internet connection. The latest version has been optimised for the Motorola Xoom and other Honeycomb tablets. It will also run on any Android phone running 2.1 or above.

Free, with system

4. Lightswitch

Lightswitch, Android, Application, Home Automation

Servers that are certified with Lightswitch support this app. The application consists of two pieces: a server which is the home automation physically installed in your house and the client which runs on your Android.


5. Home Buddy

Home Buddy, Android, Application, Home Automation

Home Buddy is an application that interfaces with Mi Casa Verde's Vera to control Z-Wave compatible devices around your home. After instantly detecting your IP address, the app allows you to control lighting and temperature simultaneously or individually.

Free, with compatible device