Project Spotlight - 752 West End Avenue

Written by Tom on Friday February 5, 2021

It all started when Nishila, a broker we worked with, called us and mentioned they have a new conversion project on West End Avenue and need to stage a few apartments.

As it happened, like most projects there is no budget for a designer so it was up to Nishila to come up with a design and execute it.

We met a the building to see the apartments. It was quite a challenge since they had low ceilings, windows that faces other buildings and not much light.

In these cases designers focus on creating statement with lighting, fabrics, accessories and sometimes window treatments. With an idea of showing potential client
how to decorate their place (where to place a bed or a sofa) and placing the attention on the advantages of the unit. (such as the size, or kitchen or storage space)

window treatments design floorplan

Addressing the window treatments we recommended soft treatments such as Roman Shades and Curtains. Those help frame the windows and bring the attention of the

viewer inside the room. The design process included brainstorming about style and fabrics with questions like:

Should we cover the frames of the windows with the shade or install the shades inset?
Weather to use unreconstructed roman shades that are more casual or structured ones that are more modern?
Do we want full operating curtains or simple side panels?

Budget concerns dictated most of the answers but for example Nishila chose to show the frames of the windows as they were
newly renovated and added detail to the rooms.

We than went to discuss fabrics. Since we had 3 apartments to work on Nishla chose one to be with Gold tones, one more  masculine with Grey Silver Tones and one to be Neutral linen colors

window treatments master bedroom fabric choices

window treatments guest bedroom fabric choices

window treatments living room fabric choices

And here are some of the results

white roman shade bedroom

flat roman shade bedroom

ripplefold curtains

window treatments living room 752 west end

It was sad to learn, that this project was half sold out when the developer chose to sell the building.