Can I control my shades from iPhone or iPad?

Written by Tom on Friday February 5, 2021

The short answer is YES,

With all Hunter Douglass PowerView® electric shades, all you need is a small box called App Bridge and your iPhone or iPad.

We recently installed electric shades and used Hunter Douglas motorization system for that. The reason was that the client heard that there is a special app
that allows to control the shades via iPad. I was curious and went to check it out after the shades where installed.

I have to say that is one of the most simplest and easiest apps I have seen, great work Hunter!

Here is some back ground,

A typical remote has 4 buttons that allows to choose a shade to control via each button. Actually you can assign more than one shade to a button
say if you have 3 shades on the east side and 4 on the west. You can choose button1 to control all eastern shades and button 2 to control all western shades.
But what if after the installer left you wish to change that. it is a simple process for an installer who does it every day but not so simple process to a client who never done it.

Well that is where Hunter Douglas new Platinum App comes to help.

First you have a welcome screen with a master category you can call it Living Room, Bedroom or which ever room you like. Than you click (+) to add a shade call it a name say Beth's Blackout Shade and click on Sync in the iPad at this point you click on a button on the shade the shades move and that is it Beth's shade is working via iPad.

You can add more shades and assign them via clicking on a button in each shade and the beauty is that you can create as many top categories as you like say you wish to control
all kids room at once you add a category for "kids rooms shades" click (+) to add shade 1 (+) to add shade 2 and that is it. When you select "kids rooms shades" all the shades in your kids room will go up or down at once.

I must say its is so simple I was very impressed!!!