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We're going to start off the new blog with ideas on selecting new windows for new home developments. Everything new!
Windows stream in light. They provide beauty and natural light to any space. However, they can allow others to see into them. They can increase your energy costs, too. As you build your home, think about your windows and the <a title="Window Treatment Products" href="http://www.shadesnyc.com/products/products.php">window treatments </a>you are likely to need.

When it comes to building a home, you may not think about the actual concerns that have to do with window treatments, but this is one area where focusing a bit of attention can be incredibly helpful to the homeowner. Keep in mind that most people will not think about window treatments until after they have a window to deal with, which can be very limiting. Think about things such as how the window opens, its position and even what types of window treatments you can use on those windows once they are installed. Here is more.

One of the most common problems with new developments is that windows open inward. This causes a significant problem with the window treatments. If you can imagine, if the window opens inward, this causes any window treatment to be misaligned or even damaged. The result is that the window is not fully used.

A solution to this is to have the windows open to the outside. Window treatments can then be installed in the window frame without any concern. Even those who do not want to damage the window frame will find that this open outward option is an ideal solution to their problem. Sliding windows can be another ideal alternative to work well with any window treatment.

If this is not possible, then try to leave space above the window frame itself so that window treatments can be positioned at this point. A fixed pane may also be an option. If a window opens in, then leave at least five inches of space above it so that window treatments can be installed in that space.

Thinking ahead like this allows the window's benefit to be fully realized


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Project Spotlight - 752 West End Avenue

It all started when Nishila, a broker we worked with, called us and mentioned they have a new conversion project on West End Avenue and need to stage a few apartments.

As it happened, like most projects there is no budget for a designer so it was up to Nishila to come up with a design and execute it.

We met a the building to see the apartments. It was quite a challenge since they had low ceilings, windows that faces other buildings and not much light.

In these cases designers focus on creating statement with lighting, fabrics, accessories and sometimes window treatments. With an idea of showing potential client
how to decorate their place (where to place a bed or a sofa) and placing the attention on the advantages of the unit. (such as the size, or kitchen or storage space)

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Written by Tom on Friday February 5, 2021

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Project Spotlight: Gramercy Park Home by Elise Som Design Studio

Gramercy Park area always attracted famous people among them writers such as S. J. Perelman, Edmund Wilson and Mary McCarthy. In 1926 it was the site of Humphrey Bogart's wedding.

There has been several conversions of older buildings in the area such as 50 Gramercy Park, 36 Gramercy Park and 18 Gramercy Park (in last phases of completion) And with every conversion newer owners come and renovate those uniquely built Pre-War apartments keeping the detail with a touch of modern design.

That was the case when Elise and Amanda from Elise Som Deisgn Studio where asked to come up with a design for an apartment on Gramercy Park East.

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Written by Tom on Friday February 5, 2021

Image: 2021-02/36-gramercy-curtains-living-room1.jpg